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APOKS – Association for optimization of chimneys and combustion, z.s.
Czech Republic – Europe 


APOKS is an independent, non-profit organization, founded in 2017. The main goal of the organization is to strive for solutions, education and sharing of information in the field of optimization of energy and combustion processes. We believe that with the right design and implementation, negative effects on air quality and the environment can be significantly eliminated. In 2021, APOKS founded the informal platform HYDROGEN group, which set itself the goal of creating know-how in the field of using hydrogen or in general fuels with admixture of hydrogen, primarily in the area of building heating.



APOKS – association for optimization chimney and combustion, z.s.
Address: Olivova 1412, Kamenice, 251 68, Czech Republic
Director: Ing. Walter Sodomka
Phone: +420 728 964 512
Email: info@apoks.cz

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